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Charles Regal, MSW, M.Div
with his dog, Jeanne d'Arc, and late
21 yr. old cat, Sapphire.

Regal Mediation

A Positive Alternative to the Legal System
Less Costly - Less Time Consuming - Less Stressful 

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Courts  treat animals as propertyno different than a couch or television set. They don't care about your pets nor do they care about your feelings about them. They do care about the fees they'll get from you. Your only guarantees in court are stress and having to spend a lot of time and money. I regard your pet(s) as equal parties and deeply both of your feelings about them.

Absorbing our feelings like sponges, animals  also suffer from stress when caught in the middle of a custody dispute. Many get sick and act out much like children do in this situation. When we suffer, they suffer.

Regal Mediation facilitates a totally non-adversarial process for shared solutions. The best interests of the animals and the bond between them and the people who love them are never forgotten. 

"Three hearts are involved here.
Two are human; the other is the heart of an animal.
 In this process all three are treated with dignity and respect."
                                                                                        -- Charles Regal

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Charles Regal, MSW, M.Div
Regal Mediation


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